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Adam Devine Used To Host Marijuana Smoke Sessions On ‘Workaholics’ Roof

Art imitates life, the saying goes. But few examples prove that premise more explicit than the stars of Workaholics. On the show, co-creators Adam DeVine, Anders Holm, and Blake Anderson play three friends trudging through awful telemarketing jobs after dropping out of college. But that comedic setup wasn’t far from the truth, as the three were first friends in real life and had also suffered from terrible work gigs.

“A lot of people don’t know they we lived in that house. Like, that was our house,” Devine told Hot Ones host Sean Evans on a recent episode. “All Season 1 we were living there. Grips were running cables and setting up lights in my bedroom as I’m waking up…then I’d walk out in my boxer shorts to get craft services in the morning.”

Word soon spread amongst the show’s hardcore fans where to find the Workaholics guys at home. Naturally, fans wanted to recreate one of the show’s enduring images of three friends enjoying a toke atop their house.

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“We’d have people coming over and wanting to smoke weed on the roof—which we’d do sometimes,” Devine said, though those interactions didn’t exactly last long.

“Sometimes we’d climb on a roof with a stranger. But then you climb on roofs too many times with strangers and think, this is weird. Is this how I die? Some deranged fan thinks, I could push him off. So we eventually stopped climbing on the roofs.”

Devine also discussed growing up with a pyrotechnic father in the Midwest and how his telemarketing experience in Nebraska helped inspire Workaholics. You can watch the interview below.

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