Monday, June 5, 2023

Apple Just Released 190 New Emojis And They’re Awesome

The new iOS 11.1 was just released last week, bringing on a fresh batch of emojis to grace our screens and conversations (to get these new emojis on your phone don’t forget to update your software). Emojipedia, the world’s largest encyclopedia for emojis (it’s crazy that we even have one), has been covering Apple’s emoji updates through the year, so these emojis come with a lot of build up and expectation. People really care about their emojis okay?

There are so many new options ranging from different types of food, flags, facial expressions, wizards, mermans, hats, gloves and body parts, that’s hard to think of something that can’t be said with emojis. You could write a novel with them. Some of these can also be modified according to your gender, sexual orientation and race, giving you even more options when it comes to how you want to express yourself. Who knew emojis could be so progressive? Check out 10 of our favorite emojis, courtesy of Emojipedia

Canned Soup

Canned Food on Apple iOS 11.2

Vomiting Emoji 

Face Vomiting on Apple iOS 11.2

Head Blown Emoji 

Exploding Head on Apple iOS 11.2

Cut Of Meat

Cut of Meat on Apple iOS 11.2

Crazy Face

Zany Face on Apple iOS 11.2

Older Adult

Older Adult on Apple iOS 11.2


Merman on Apple iOS 11.2

Really Angry Emoji

Face With Symbols on Mouth on Apple iOS 11.2


Dumpling on Apple iOS 11.2


Mage on Apple iOS 11.2



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