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Are There Benefits To Washing Your Face With Sparkling Water?

In the midst of the nation’s current sparkling water obsession, it makes sense that some people would try to sell it as some sort of miracle worker for your skin.

According to The Cut, this trend originates from Japan and Korea, and it actually provides some benefits for your skin. The sparkling water facial or ‘fizzy face cleanse’, does several things for your skin that regular water isn’t capable of doing. Sparkling water cleanses your skin deeply, with the carbonation cleaning out the oil and dirt that penetrates your pores. Cosmopolitan reports that when sparkling water is at room temperature, it also becomes a vasodilator, triggering your blood vessels to open up and letting your skin breathe.

Another benefit that sparkling water has over tap water is that it has a similar pH to your skin, which is 5.5. Tap water has a pH of 7, which could sometimes lead to dryness, facilitating breakouts and acne. Dr. Kavita Mariwalla calls sparkling water a great exfoliator, helping you get rid of all sorts of dirt without the need of a washcloth or lotions.

In order to commit to this regimen you’re going to need a lot of sparkling water, at least a bowl per wash. Japanese and Korean beauty experts suggest dipping your entire face in a bowl full of a mix of sparkling and tap water, so that the carbonation isn’t too hard on your skin. Dip your face in the bowl for over 10 seconds and breathe out your nose if you feel some discomfort.

While all the sparkling water benefits sound super great, may we suggest investing in a soda maker? Buying that many bottles of sparkling water sounds crazy and also bad for the planet.

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