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Lady Gaga Preparing To Be A Step Mom; Meghan Didn’t Trust Amal Clooney Or Serena Williams With Baby News

Lady Gaga Preparing To Be A Step Mom – EXCLUSIVE

Lady Gaga is winning raves for her role in ‘A Star Is Born,’ but the part that she is taking most seriously is becoming a new step-mom.

“Now that Gaga and her fiancé have officially announced their engagement they are working on wedding details. But they are not planning the day alone. Gaga is making a special effort to make sure that her two new step-children feel very much a part of the big day,” sources tell STRAIGHT SHUTER.

“This relationship isn’t just about two people. It is about an entire new family and that is the reason she is being much more private with this engagement compared to her previous one. She considers becoming a step-mother as the most important thing she will ever do and is taking it very seriously. Lady understands that having her as a new mother might not be the easiest adjustment.

Meghan Didn’t Trust Amal Clooney Or Serena Williams With Baby News – EXCLUSIVE

Meghan and Harry wanted to keep their baby news such a top royal secret that they didn’t even tell their best friends the happy news.

“Meghan didn’t tell any of her friends that she was pregnant. Most of them, including Amal Clooney and Serena Williams found out the same day that the rest of the world did,” sources tell STRAIGHT SHUTER. “Since Meghan married Prince Harry she has adjusted to her new high-profile life. She has a new phone number and a new secure email address. Her old ‘AOL’ account is no longer. It isn’t that she doesn’t trust Amal or Serena, it’s just she wanted to make sure that the birth of a new royal was handled by the press people within the palace. After all the ugly leaks to the press from her family, she doesn’t want to take any chances.”

Kardashian Ratings Plummet! – Show Coming To An End – EXCLUSIVE

With ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ ratings dropping below 1 million viewers for the first time for two consecutive weeks, Kris Jenner and the family are freaking out worrying that the show will not get renewed when their contract expires in 2019.

“This is a total nightmare for Kris Jenner and the family. The show’s contract with E! expires in 2019 and right now Kris is renegotiating with the network. The ratings plummeting couldn’t have come at a worse time and although she isn’t saying anything publicly, Kris is blaming Kanye West,” sources tell STRAIGHT SHUTER. “Kanye has been saying some very controversial things over the past few weeks and for the first time, he is not just alienating his fan base, he is also turning off the Kardashians’ fan base. This is the real reason he left the country. The family wanted him away from the press and out of America until things were not so hot. Little did they know that he would be meeting with dictators in Uganda!”


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