Monday, June 5, 2023

Become The Best With DJ Khaled’s New Furniture Collection

Humans have tried in vain to contest this fundamental truth about our universe — that no auditory experience surpasses that of hearing DJ Khaled Khaled shouting out at the beginning of a musical track, “Another one!” The second-best auditory experience, of course, is hearing Khaled say, “We the best.” The music stylings of Beethoven, Miles Davis, and Beyoncé rank somewhere below all that.

Thankfully, Khaled has decided to bless more than our ears with his latest creation: “We the Best Home” furniture collection. In collaboration with Goldition, Khaled will launch the new flagship Lion Collection, Major Key Collection, the No They Collection, and more. Furnishings include gold sofas, “Key to Success” artwork, as well as gold and onyx lions.

But the premiere piece of the collection is the “Kingdom of Khaled Throne Chair.” Lined with red velvet and an ornate wood-carved backing, it “truly represents DJ Khaled, his heart, his soul, and his zest for extravagance and all things regal.” Wait, there’s more. “Overseen by a lion emblem that protects the throne’s occupant from negativity, deception and ‘they’….this ICONIC masterpiece is the ultimate expression of what it means to be a king or a queen.”

You might be surprised to learn this chair was designed by DJ Khaled himself. Many experts in the interior design space consider the piece a steal at only $2,500. The collection fully launched Thursday at the El Dorado Furniture in Miami before soon going, to quote Khaled, “worldwide.” Indubitably, this collection counts as “another one” for this creative maestro.



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