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In Crust We Trust: Your Ultimate Beer Pairing Guide For National Pizza Day

There’s no shortage of stupid national food holidays, but today — today is special. Because unlike every other day, today is officially National Pizza Day. And nobody wants to disappoint the American statesman who painstakingly fought for this right.

And since you can’t have pizza without beer, here are pairings for just about any type of pie you order today.

Personal Pan Pizza

If one is the loneliness number, then a personal pan pizza is the loneliest pizza. But that’s okay! Let’s dress this dinner-for-one up with a little beer. How about a beautiful 22 oz. bottle of Alaskan Amber ale?

It’s not too heavy to make you regret your solo meal choice and it’s sweet and effervescent enough to perk you up while watching Sleepless in Seattle again.


These pies are big, square and thick. So let’s find the perfect beer compliment – how about either an Old Rasputin Imperial Stout or Hacker-Pschorr’s Dunkle Weisse. Both beers have a pleasant malty sweetness to them to round out the edges of the Sicilian pie.

Thin Crust

Ah, the crispy crunch of the thin crust. Here, you’re going to want to accentuate the flavor with a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, a floral, medium-bodied brew with the summer month sensation any light meal would benefit from.


A style that looks simple enough, but when done right is the complete package: fresh mozzarella cheese, fresh basil and light and lovely tomato sauce. For this, we need the perfectly balanced beer. So, try Double Mountain’s India Red Ale, a wonderful mix of malt, body and hop.

Meat Lovers

The heavy, sweat-inducing meal rich with bacons, sausages and pepperoni. The temptation may be to go heavy with your brew, but go easy and try a Rolling Rock or Stella Artois here. Pace yourself!

Pizza Party

This is when you invite a handful or three of your best pals over and pass around box after box of pizza so, likely, you’ll need six-pack after six-pack of beer.

So, for that, we recommend Guinness, Redhook IPA and Killian’s Irish Red Ale. While these all vary in style, none of so heavy that the party will be weighed down.

Thai Pizza

Go with the most underrated beer for the most underrated pizza: Newcastle Brown Ale. It’s malty, got a good body and is nuanced enough that your mouth will tell you a taste story. Just like the Thai Pizza, which, of course, replaces marinara sauce with Thai peanut sauce. Yuuuuu-freakin-uuummmm!


It’s okay. It’s not your fault. We’ve all been there. Open up the fridge after a long day to see the frozen pizza you gleefully bought at the store but half-forgot about and half-told yourself you wouldn’t eat it, that you’d save it for guests or something.

Well, now you’re hungry and you want it. Go for it! You earned it, handsome! But what to pair it with? How about a few “tall boys” of Rainier? Because, what the hell?

Pizza Bagel

Your favorite snack as a kid can now be paired with a beer because you’re an adult. See, time passing isn’t all bad! So what’s the beer you always wanted to try? The one your parents drank at the table, of course. So whether that be Miller Lite, MGD, Budweiser or something fancy, that’s what you deserve. Enjoy!

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