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Fetish Alert: Cake Sitting Is A Thing And Popular Enough To Be A Business

Sexual fetishes are kinky, sometimes sexy, but usually weird. There’s probably a fetish for whatever thing you can think of, no matter how crazy it is. With this in mind we present you with cake sitting: Literally sitting down on a cake.

Uproxx reports that cake sitting is a fetish that’s gained popularity over the years, and that can no longer be considered underground. The fetish falls under the category of “sploshing”, which is when people get turned on by rubbing food on their bodies, or by watching people rub food or substances onto themselves. These people enjoy the sensation of handling sticky things and of being covered in them while engaging in sex acts.

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While cake sitting is not as famous — or infamous — as bondage, it has a history in media. Uproxx quotes the moment where Christina Aguilera sat on a cake while wearing a wedding dress on the cover of Out magazine as an example.

Lindsay Dye is a cake-sitter and artist, who makes videos where she sits on cakes. She’s been making these videos since 2015, but believes that the world is still too guarded when it comes to enjoying fetishes openly. According to her, the world needs to become more sex positive in order to enjoy these fetishes and our sexuality.

Cake sitting seems like a harmless enough fetish. It’s niche, yes, but it definitely has its audience. Dye has over 11,000 followers, so maybe even though people aren’t admitting that they’re into cake sitting, they at least like to watch it on social media.


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