Monday, September 26, 2022

Can 7Up Cure The Common Cold?

7Up has been the go-to liquid for upset stomachs for ages. If you’re of a certain age, it’s likely your mom or grandma gave you a glass of the bubbly drink when you felt nauseous. But now, it’s been hailed as a cure for the common cold. Something smells fizzy.

The soft drink is certainly a tasty beverage, but it’s healing properties are questionable. FOX News has taken this home remedy out of the closet and given it a good dusting to share with others who may be searching for an easy cure during this time of year, when the cold and flu bugs seem to outnumber healthy humans. But, as they mention, don’t believe the hype, because — surprise! — drinking clear soda (of any kind) does not actually work. Sorry, kid.

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What does work, however, according to actual doctors (sorry, mom) is hot liquids, like tea and broth, which will help clear up congestion.

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The trick when it comes to colds is to get plenty of sleep and stay hydrated. So if you really want that glass of 7Up, try infusing water with fruit for a few hours. Sure, it won’t have that fizzy quality, but it sure will make you feel a heckuva lot better than cola! Also, for the sake of your well-being, avoid caffeine and alcohol, too.

Colds are a buzzkill.



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