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Can CBD Protect Your Dog Against Fireworks Anxiety?

Fourth of July is a tough day for dogs. It’s basically 24 hours of fireworks that trigger their  adrenaline, causing a lot of pets to go missing. While a lot of people protect their dogs by giving them medication or keeping them indoors with the TV on, a new solution has appeared by way of CBD.

The compound, known for its stress suppressing properties, has taken the dog world by storm, with companies developing CBD treats and oils specially tailored for your pet. Is there any science to these claims and are these remedies actually helping your dog stay relaxed? There’s a lot of information out there, but there’s still a lot of mystery.

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The Huffington Post spoke with Dr. Adam Christman, an award winning veterinarian from New Jersey, who claims that most of the evidence out there on CBD is anecdotal. He mentions the first scientific study on CBD oil conducted on dogs, which found that those who suffered from osteoarthritis lived more comfortably if they were given two doses of the compound a day. “However, we are truly unsure of its true safety and potential drug interactions with traditional medications. Therefore, there’s a very gray zone on this,” he said.

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While most experts agree that more research needs to be conducted on the topic of CBD, there appears to be no risks in dogs consuming it, especially if you’re buying products from a trusted source and following their dosage instructions.

If your dog is very nervous and has a complicated history with fireworks and the Fourth of July, it might be best to avoid experimentation, at least for now. Stick with medicines that have provided scientifically sound results, like tranquilizers and the like.

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