Monday, June 1, 2020
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This Cockatoo Proudly Dancing To Elvis Will Be The Best Thing You See All Week

Everyone loves Elvis. Even birds. Take, for example, the cockatoo in the video below, who dances enthusiastically as his owner serenades him and his bird friend with a rendition of “Don’t Be Cruel.”

In the viral clip, which has since been retweeted over 55,000 times, the white cockatoo bounces up and down to the song. His buddy is less enthuses, and even lifts one leg up to keep his dancing friend away, but the jamming bird is undeterred: He just keeps on bouncing to the rhythm and flaring his plumage.

The dance continues for nearly two minutes, with the one cockatoo repeatedly showing off his moves and his impressive feathers. Elvis himself would’ve been impressed, as would Iggy Pop’s pet cockatoo, Biggy Pop.

Watch the perfect video below.

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