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This Video of Kermit The Frog As Ryan Gosling In ‘La La Land’ Is Perfect

‘La La Land’ was the movie that generated the most buzz and conversation of 2016, making haters and musical lovers alike claim that movies were back and better than ever. ‘La La Land’ got an almost record-breaking 14 Academy Award nominations, tying ‘Titanic’ and ‘All About Eve’ as one of the most recognized films in Academy Awards history. The movie took 6 Oscars during the much talked about event, making it the biggest winner of the night (even if it didn’t win best movie, but we all know what happened there).

Funny Or Die has done God’s work and made the mash-up of our dreams with this re imagination of ‘La La Land, called ‘Muppet Muppet Land’, starring a romantic and musically-gifted Kermit The Frog. 

The video is no cheap photoshop exercise either, displaying some great moments of Kermit dancing and arguing with Emma Stone. In addition, he moonwalks, plays the guitar and the piano, has some great lines of dialogue, and sings a more nasal version of ‘City of Stars’. 

The Muppets characters are no strangers to internet memes, appearing in several viral phenomenons via Evil Kermit and Evil Miss Piggy, where normal versions of the characters battle their hooded selves over their deepest and most hidden desires. 

Let the internet never forget the magic of The Muppets and their ability to improve everything they appear on. 


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