Saturday, October 23, 2021
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Drunk Shoppers Love To Buy Dumb Stuff On Amazon

Amazon and alcohol tend to result in stupid mistakes. We’ve all heard of these stories, maybe from a friend that had one too many drinks and ended up buying a big cat tree that takes up most of their living room, or from personal experience, when after a black out drunk incident mysterious packages started appearing at your doorstep.

Although these episodes tend to make us feel embarrassed and like we have an alcohol problem, they’re incredibly common. The Hustle conducted a survey on over 2,000 adults and concluded that each person spends around $444 dollars a year on drunk online purchases. Over 85 percent of these buys are conducted through Amazon. That’s a whole lot of money for a website that has over 100 million Prime members.

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The survey shows that the second most visited site while drunk is Ebay (21 percent) and the third is Etsy (12 percent). It appears that drunk people really love to buy clothes and shoes, with the occasional splurge on music concerts and the like.

Luckily for everyone, only 20 percent of people end up regretting and returning their online drunk purchases. “To be honest, they’re almost always stupid buys, but the humor factor outweighs the stupidity,” explains The Hustle. Your friend may not love that cat tree but it’s still a pretty good story.


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