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Elon Musk Claims A.I. Could Be An Immoral Dictator

Tesla kingpin Elon Musk is a genius, but he’s also prone to saying crazy things that always end up in headlines. Such as the fact that artificial intelligence (A.I.) would cause World War 3, and that the technology behind it was one of humanity’s greatest threats. He doesn’t like A.I.. 

Musk recently made an appearance on Chris Paine’s latest documentary, “Do You Trust This Computer,” where he talks about A.I. and how dangerous the technology could be for humanity. His exact words were that A.I. could lead to an “immoral dictator from which we could never escape.”

The documentary explores the dark side of A.I. and the immediacy of it, something that Musk has been concerned with since A.I. began to pop up everywhere.

According to Mashable, Musk claims that A.I. technology could be used by authoritarian governments in order to create something that could outlast individuals and political parties and that could lead to permanent structures of oppression. While his ideas sound a little over dramatic, they’re not that far off base.

China and Russia’s technological developments have been leaning towards the creepy side of things, with the former using algorithms to mess with other governments, and the latter planning to launch a monitoring system that will allow them to keep a tab on their citizens.

You can learn more about “Do You Trust This Computer” by watching the trailer below. 

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