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Facebook Is Rolling Out A New ‘Secret Crush’ Feature

Facebook, as always, is trying to engage with all sorts of users. One of their latest developments is Facebook Dating, a service that aims to pair you up with people you’re already friends with.

One of Facebook Dating’s latest features is “Secret Crush,” allowing you to select up to nine people from your Friends list who you consider crush-worthy. These people will receive a notification that lets them know that one of their friends added them to their secret crush list. If the person(s) you selected also chooses you, your identities are revealed to each other.

For now, this feature, along with Facebook Dating, is only available in Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, and several countries in South America and Asia.

Secret Crush is intriguing, providing something that other dating apps can’t. While it’s always nice to meet new people on these apps, Facebook Dating allows you to choose from friends and people you already know and like – a notion that’s likely very enticing to teens and younger users.

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Although plenty of people have more than enough reasons to doubt Facebook’s privacy and security, a company spokesperson explained that the secret crush feature won’t have an influence on users’ timeline or result in targeted ads. “All activity that occurs in FB Dating stays in FB Dating and will not be shared externally,” they explained to WIRED.

There’s no word on when Facebook Dating will roll out in the U.S..

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