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Hard Pass: Cockroach Milk Is The Latest Food Fad

There’s talk of a new “superfood” that comes with a major gag reflex. Researchers at the Institute for Stem Cell Biology in India have discovered a very specific insect milk (entomilk) they claim has every essential amino acid the human body needs to function. The problem? The insect is the cockroach. Not something you likely want mingling with your morning coffee, unless it’s an awesome 3-D art piece.

According to NDTV Doctor, cockroach milk is the post-natal fluid which is secreted from the critter in the form of crystals in order to nourish its hatchlings. Yum! According to the site:

Researchers claim that these crystals contain proteins, sugars and fats, and are like complete foods. The protein sequences apparently contain all essential amino acids. Milking of a cockroach can be done with the help of filter paper along with making culture of yeast with cockroach genes for making milk.

Gwyneth Paltrow has already added the roaches to her animal milk guide on GOOP. Of course she has.

Although it is said to taste like cow’s milk, 1,000 cockroaches are needed to make just 3.5 ounces of roach milk. That’s less than half a cup.

And because the insects die in the process of making the milk, researchers are saying this is not really a feasible alternative.

Experts aren’t even convinced entomilk is safe for human consumption. Even if it was, how many people are going to flock to the store to buy this stuff? It would likely take the world’s most effective PR team to get people to want to drink roaches.

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