Here’s How Having Sex Can Make You A Better Employee

It can really fix most things

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It’s no surprise that mental health influences your productivity and performance at work and in your everyday life. An now, a new study reinforces this, proving that a happy sex life improves your health and your moods, which seep into your mornings and make you into a much more productive employee.

Journals of Management published a study that discovered that employees were much more engaged at work if they’d had sex the night before. The study consisted of 159 married volunteers who took surveys twice a day and reported their moods and behaviors. Men and women reported feeling equally happy and more productive when they maintained a healthy sex life.

Popular Science reports that studies such as this one have been gaining traction over the years, with different towns and cities trying to incorporate the findings in order to reap some of the benefits. While it’s still pretty taboo to combine sex and work, the link between the two is becoming a little more clear. There’s even a town in Sweden that’s trying to pass a law that would allow employees to take an hour off from their workday so they can devote it to sex.

Research  continues to demonstrates that when work seeps into the personal lives of employees, their mental health dips and so does their work performance. France became one of the first countries to take a stand against this, developing a law that protects their employees when they don’t want to check their emails and respond to their bosses after work hours. Although that’s pretty cool of France, it’s still a depressing situation.

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