Sunday, June 16, 2024

Watch ‘House Party Enthusiast’ Bros Defend Right To Rage At City Council Meeting

Two bros at a Los Angeles City Council meeting expressed moral outrage recently, expounding on their worry over which direction the country is going. What hill were they dying on? They couldn’t believe the city of Los Angeles was cracking down on house parties in the Hollywood Hills.

So that’s why “activist and hose party enthusiast” Chad Kroeger marched down the city council meeting and deliver his important stance “determined to stop this future atroxity [sic].”

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“House parties were the bed rock to my development as a young man in San Clemente,” Kroeger told the city council. “My first introduction to manhood came when the captain of my water polo team, Boomer Kinglsey, asked me to shotgun a tall can of Bud Light in front of the whole squad at his end of the season bash. His parents were in Tahoe at the time, so we tore that weekend up. It was epic and I was super stoked.”

Kroeger wasn’t alone. Joining him was his buddy JT. The pair are known for pulling these stunts on Kroeger’s YouTube channel, once proposing that the city should erect a Paul Walker statue as a necessary symbol to bind us together in these politically divisive times.

As outlandish as their stance seems, it’s hard to disagree with the duo. Who hasn’t bonded over an epic rager? Or as JT said:

I grew up like most kids—worried I couldn’t bench two plates, worried I wouldn’t fit in, that I wouldn’t find love. Then I discovered partying and suddenly all those worries went to the wayside. I didn’t need love, I had kegstands.

Maybe Paul McCartney had it wrong all along. All we need is kegstands, not love.


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