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This Is How Many Minutes We’re Having Sex Per Week, According To Study

If you had to guess how many minutes the average American couple has sex per week, what would you say? No, really. Bet that number you’re envisioning is correct!

A study by EdenFantasys, an online retailer that focuses on getting everyone “off,” surveyed 2,000 American adults (all in relationships) and found that  couples had sex, on average, 69 minutes a week.

According to the data, three percent reported having sex more than  30 times a month, and 12 percent said they have sex for zero minutes per week. Womp womp.

A whopping 75 percent say they’re too busy for regular sex, while 60 percent say they would like to be having more sex.

More than half (52 percent) admit they schedule sex, which is usually on a Saturday. Thirty percent say it’s the most popular day of the week for sex. More specifically, 10 p.m. on a Saturday.

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The study also reveals that some people (one in five) considers a pre-agreed upon date and time for sex to be a romantic gesture. Say, what?

The average American couple has six “sexpointments” a month, according to the study.

Here’s the breakdown of the average American couple’s sex life:

  • 69 minutes per week
  • 9 times per month
  • 108 times a year
  • 60 hours a year
  • 6 “sexpointments” a month


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