Sunday, August 9, 2020
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Why Comedian Lewis Black Absolutely Needs Marijuana Edibles On The Road

Watching comedian Lewis Black perform is like being treated to a tasty nougat of released anger and inhibitions. His comedy is in your face and overflowing with curse words. You almost wonder how a man so filled with rage is able to sleep at night.

The answer, it turns out, is marijuana edibles. See, Black is always touring, like most working stand-up comedians. But sleeping in multiple cities a week can disrupt any sleep lover’s bedtime routines, so Black brings marijuana edibles along for every trip.

As he explained to the New York Times, “I’m not doing this to get high, I’m doing this to go to sleep.”

But boy, some of those edibles I have done to try to go to sleep and I’m like, oh no I’m going to sit here and review everything. Once a guy on my tour bus said, ‘Let’s take a little of this and it’ll knock us out.’ But we were up all night and I went through every relationship I’ve ever had, every one, and how I failed, and what was my fault, and it was exhausting. Eventually, I fell asleep but it was mostly because I had run out of relationships.

Black’s other bedtime sleep-inducing hack? Melatonin gummy bears. A military friend of Black’s, who keeps “wackier hours” than him, told the comedian about them. He says they’re an absolute game-changer on the road.

“I find that nothing else can give you a leg up on relaxing,” Black said. “But you don’t do two of them, you do four or five of them. Probably doctors will say I’m wrong, but it does work.”


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