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How To Know If Sex On First Date Is The Right Choice

Dating can cause a lot of anxiety, especially when it comes to knowing when is the right time to have sex. A lot of people set their own rules and boundaries, like sex after three dates or after you’ve known the person a little longer, but the rise of hook up culture has led to these beliefs feeling a little dated.

Is it okay to have sex on the first date? Will you regret it later? Will your date treat you as a prude if you’d rather wait for some time? These questions are all valid and none have clear cut answers. It’s healthy that you’re wondering about these things.

According to Suzanne Kyra, an expert from Your Tango, there’s a big difference between sleeping with a stranger and sleeping with someone you know, and this should always be taken into account. Even though there’s Tinder and apps that make it easy to hook up with someone attractive, it’s important to acknowledge that having sex with a stranger can put you on a dangerous situation.

So what is the right answer? Your opinions regarding sex on the first date can be positive or negative, mostly based on how you were raised, which means that the answer is up to you. Having sex on the first date could ruin a relationship that hasn’t begun, or it could be exactly what you needed.

The most important part of asking yourself all these questions is to figure out what you want, and to be prepared for the consequences of your actions. If you’re confident in your decision to have or not have sex, then you’ll be equipped to handle whatever comes next.

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