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5 Excellent Ways To Utilize An Avocado Pit

Another avocado story? Haven’t we had enough of avocados? Not yet. There is one part of the avocado tale that hasn’t been told: the avocado pit.

Sure, they’re getting blamed for the ultimate millennial injury —  avocado hand — but these magical little nuggets contain nearly 70% of the amino acids found in an avocado. Plus, they’re filled with potassium and contain flavonols, which reduce the risk of chronic diseases. The extract of avocado seed has even shown to help fight cancer.

The next time you take a pit out of an avocado, before you toss it, consider making one of these 5 easy recipes.

Make an exfoliant

Cut up the pits (if they aren’t soft enough to cut into, they’re too old — toss ’em). Grind up the pits in a blender (or food processor) and add to your favorite cleanser.


Make a fabric dye

The tannin in avocado pits binds well to cotton fibers. Here’s a recipe that calls for 3-5 avocado pits. The result is a pink dye that is visible within an hour.

Add to a smoothie

After removing the pit from an avocado, rinse and then let dry for about a week (or speed up the process by warming it in an oven), cut it up into chunks and then pulverize it using a blender or food processor. Add a teaspoon or so to your smoothie or even oatmeal. Powdered avocado seed has a strong bitter flavor, so it’s best to mix it with an already strong flavor that will mask the tannins.


Make shampoo

After washing and drying three avocado pits, grate them and place into a pot filled with 6 cups of water. Bring to a boil. Let simmer for 30 minutes and strain. Once cooled, pour the water into a bottle already filled with 1/4 cup of your favorite shampoo. Ta da! Ultra-moisturizing avocado shampoo!

Make tea

Add chopped avocado seed to an infuser and pour boiling water over it, just like you were making any other type of tea. Again, because the seed is quite bitter, you might consider adding a sweetener.



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