Friday, February 23, 2024

Avocado Light Is The Diet Coke Version Of The Tasty, Green Superfruit

Avocados are the most divisive topic in this country. The plump fruit is ruining millennials, causing nationwide addictions that inhibit kids from buying starter homes. We would know.

But now a company in Spain is presenting the world with an alternative option—Avocado Light. Think of it as the Diet Coke version of avocados. The company Isla Bonita sought avocados with approximately 30% less fat than avocados currently available in local supermarkets. To do so, they scoured across the globe, experimenting with more than 30 avocado varieties from six different countries. They found that avocados naturally grown in warm tropical climates from places in Central and South America produced advantageous nutritional qualities.

“We have been importing avocados for decades. In all this time, many customers and consumers who are passionate about this fruit have regretted not being able to incorporate it more often into their diet. Others directly pass up on their nutritional advantages because these don’t compensate for their high caloric value,” Ramón Rey, director of the International and Marketing for Isla Bonita, told Fresh Plaza. “It is our responsibility to bet on fruits with the nutritional properties that our clients and consumers expect, as well as on the new flavours that gastronomy lovers want to experience.”

This launch of Avocado Light aims to attract new customers who might have shied away from the fruit because of its high fat and caloric concentration. Avocado Light also oxidizes more slowly than average avocados, so you don’t have to worry about presenting mushy brown guacamole to guests.

The fat in avocados is monosaturated, what nutritionist qualify as “good fat.” This is part of what earned the fruit the status of “superfood” and causing millennials to forgo possible mortgages for a taste. This new avocado will possibly allow more avocado consumption with all the health benefits.

However, for now it remains only available in Spain market chains. But with the local craze here we can only assume that will change soon. If there’s two things Americans love, it’s freedom and avocados. That’s in the Declaration somewhere, right?


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