Saturday, October 1, 2022

Investigation: Is Jason Voorhees A Marijuana Farmer In ‘Friday The 13th’?

Outside of super-slashy Jason Voorhees, the second most-prominent presence in the Friday the 13th films would be marijuana. (Teens just wanting to get it on is also an acceptable answer.) Practically each incarnation of the franchise includes some version of partying teens smoking weed.

A fun trend to watch throughout the numerous films is noticing how characters refer to marijuana. In the original film, it’s “grass.” But by Friday the 13th Part II, marijuana is now called “dope.” Indeed as the movies tried to keep upping the ante of violence and murder, so too did the teens become wilder and more out of control. Friday the 13th: A New Beginning (Part V) phased out the camp counselor setting and moved into a halfway house of sorts, with oblique mentions of drugs harder than cannabis.

So when the franchise saw a “soft reboot” in 2009 with Friday the 13th, it was a not-so-winking nod to the past a major plot point revolved around marijuana. The movie begins with a group of friends scouring Crystal Lake for a rumored weed farm in the area. One such headphone-wearing teen stumbles upon the fabled marijuana plants while taking a leak, only to be rewarded by Jason Voorhees chopping his head off. (You can guess which head of his gets chopped off.)

But the close proximity of Jason to this previously-rumored, totally-real marijuana farm leads one to speculate his green ties—has Jason Voorhees now been retconned into a weed farmer?

Here’s the debatable story thread. In the movie, it seems Jason is using the pot crops to lure young, unsuspecting teenagers into his clutches. But the question isn’t the function of these plants. That much is presented almost matter of fact. Instead what we’re wondering is from where these plants come in the first place? Did Jason Voorhees anticipate the Green Rush and preemptively started growing some “OG Crystal Lake” (a pleasant hybrid) and “Nightmare Kush” (an indica so named for its tendency to induce sleep paralysis)?

And yes, it’s a fun dismissive joke many have used to undercut the Friday the 13th reboot. Even Mark Swift, who co-wrote the screenplay, shared a similar sentiment with a fansite a few years back. “[I]f we’re changing things, we’d make sure it doesn’t seem like Jason is a weed farmer at the beginning :)” he wrote.

But maybe we need to consider the man behind the mask. Perhaps he’s grieving the loss of his mother, maybe he’s a complicated human, perhaps wishing to rid himself of the pain and passion that drive murdering sprees through holistic healing. Maybe after a long day of killing, he too likes to kick back and light a joint, and just, like, chill out and not think about anything for a while. Maybe he withholds a secret affinity toward Christmas, and wants to include some green with the gushing amounts of red in his life.

Or maybe it’s just funny that one of the most murderous horror villains of all-time is a weed farmer now. That’s your decision. We’re ready for the next Friday the 13th installment where a rehabilitated Jason Voorhees opens a dispensary only to be shut down by Jeff Sessions and the federal government. You can use your imagination to think what happens next.



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