Friday, August 12, 2022

Is It Safe To Road Trip This Summer?

The coronavirus has halted most travel, which is not ideal during the summer months. Is taking a trip by car a safe option?

Travel has often felt like a luxury for many, and now, that feeling has been amplified. While it’s certainly not the most pressing issue right now, it’s one that affects almost everyone — from those who want to visit family to those who need a much-needed (physical and mental) escape from their homes. While airports and airlines are still functioning, a lot of people are wondering about road trips and whether that’s a safer option than getting on a plane.

Answers regarding the coronavirus change on a regular basis. Medical experts and the Centers for Disease Control are learning as they go and analyze the progress of the virus, meaning that what we might think is safe could turn out to be less safe in a short period of time.

Traveling by car seems like a much safer option than any form of public transportation or air travel. But experts stress that what we should all keep in mind is where we’re coming from and what we plan to do once we arrive to a new place.

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Where you come from is important information. In early March, experts determined that travelers from New York were largely responsible for spreading coronavirus infections across different states in the US..

Photo by Rucksack Magazine via Unsplash

If you’re traveling from a city with a significant amount of COVID-19 cases, the safest thing you could do for the community you’re visiting is to stay quarantined for a period of 14 days. This is a lot to ask of people who are traveling in order to visit family members or moving to a new city for a new job opportunity.

While on the road, try to limit your stops as much as possible, whether they’re for pumping gas, buying food or bathroom breaks. When you stop, be sure to wear a mask and use hand sanitizer or wash your hands often. Remember to follow social distancing guidelines and be aware of the fact that when crossing state lines, people may have different attitudes and reactions to virus safety measures. It’s better to be safe and respectful than sorry.

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As always, evaluate your own situation and the people you’ll be exposing. Ask yourself if anyone you’ll be exposing (or potentially exposing) is at risk. Before making a decision, be sure to look through each state’s guidelines, including the state you are coming from and the one you’ll be arriving in. Try your best to comply with these rules and to keep other people safe.


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