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‘Jelly Nails’ Are The Latest Manicure Trend To Take Over Instagram

There’s a whole stack of nail art on Instagram where users upload their coolest and most elaborate looking nails. Sometimes these images look awesome, highlighting the talent that some people have, and other times the nails uploaded look extremely long, dangerous, and ugly. Nail art trends can be a little unpredictable.

The current trend, as Teen Vogue pointed out, are jelly nails which are a clear throwback to the 90’s, just like chokers and wearing bright neon colors. These nails are so shiny and glittery like that you might want to snack on something sweet before you see them.

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These shiny nails look like something a Barbie doll would love to wear, or something that you’d see on a Spice Girls music video. They evoke the 90’s and early 2000’s that much.

While the nails are potentially dangerous, there’s this certain allure and charm to them, that fits especially well with the Summer season. This style is also known as “see through nails,” and “glass nails.” You can find plenty of images with varying degrees of success all over these hashtags on Instagram, where people upload creative videos and images.

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While the trend is characterized by the bright colors, the nails can be long, short, and painted in all sorts of shades. Their main characteristic is the fact that they’re translucent, bright, and glittery. According to Hello Giggles, the look is achieved through the application of a clear and translucent tip to the nail or by sculpting a hard gel on top of your finger.  You can get this look at the salon or,  if you’re very creative and gifted with your hands, put them on yourself.



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