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5 Of The Most WTF Beauty Trends On Instagram Right Now

If WTF beauty trends weren’t photographed for Instagram, would they even exist?

A few questionable photos have arisen recently that would make anyone consider that perhaps these fashion statements were a total hoax. But the joke’s on us, because these crazy fads are unfortunately true. You might not actually see someone out in the wild sporting these looks, but they do exist. If only on social media (let’s hope).

Here are 5 trends that deserve, if nothing else, an A+ for shock appeal.

1. Nose Hair Extensions

This is the newest trend, pegged to Instagram userΒ @gret_chen-chenΒ  who photographed herself with some eyelash extensions adhered to her nostrils. Was she kidding? Doesn’t matter. She officially started a viral trend, which can also be achieved with fake eyelashes.

2. U-Turn Brows

Apparently, the number of uses for eyelash extensions are far and wide. This makeup artist used them to create what she coined “u-turn” brows.

Which is worse: u-turn brows or penis brows (not to be confused with dickliner)? Tough call.

3. Nail Hair

This one is a bit of a head scratcher, something you actually don’t want to do if you are sporting these…things.

Dramatic makeup artis Dain Yoon, who has some really crazy illusion art on her Instagram account, told the Huffington Post that her nails, tricked out with wig hair, took her 5 hours to complete.

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4. Squiggles

A new trend for fall or a late summer fling? A girl’s gotta get that summer angst out of her system somehow.

The squiggle makeup trend migrated south to both the eyelids and lips. And while this isn’t the most visually assaulting piece of beauty art on this list, it’ll be nice to never see it again.


5. Hair Stencils

These are sort of like henna tattoos, but for your hair. It pays to have an artistic eye before you head down this road. Not really a DIY craft project for the majority.



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