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Katy Perry Using ‘American Idol’ To Continue Taylor Swift Beef

Katy Perry and Taylor Swift are never, ever, ever getting back together as friends. The two have been embroiled in one of the lowest-stakes celebrity beefs for a couple of years now, using the drama as source material in their pop songs.

All has been quiet on the beef’s front this year, until Perry fired a shady salvo on ABC’s yes-they-really-did-reboot-it reboot of “American Idol”. On Sunday night’s episode, judge Luke Bryan asked a contestant if there was anyone he “looks up to as an artist.”

The contestant, a sweet-looking, slightly nerdy boy, looked nervously at Perry. “I’m sorry for this, Katy,” he said, as the music cut out. “Taylor Swift. I love Taylor Swift.”

Perry knows a shade opportunity when she sees it and, with great aplomb, told the young man he didn’t need to apologize. “Oh, you don’t have to be sorry,” she said. “I love her as a songwriter as—as well!”

The line got a laugh out of the room.

Many believe Taylor Swift’s 2015 hit “Bad Blood” is a reference to Katy Perry, though Swift has never confirmed that to be true.

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