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Meme Of The Week: Couture Runway Dresses Have Embraced Memes

Memes have permeated a large part of our digital and real lives. People use them to make jokes and communicate, so it makes sense then that they would appear in the fashion world. Although memes have appeared on clothing before, immortalized in Forever 21 outfits, Viktor & Rolf became the first Haute Couture brand to use memes to their advantage, dramatically introducing them during Paris Fashion Week.

The dresses are gigantic and dramatic, with phrases like “NO” and “Sorry I’m late I didn’t want to come” stamped right in the middle of them. The fonts are large and impossible to ignore, making the dresses look a little silly and outrageous, just like everything else on the runway.

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People have speculated about the inspiration behind the dresses, claiming that the designers intended to mock Instagram posts and our society’s current obsession with quotes and influencers. While most users have loved the designs, claiming that they’re a “mood” and inventive, a small group of critics have said that Viktor & Rolf is trying too hard. Both groups make valid points, but the truth is that, no matter the intent of the designers, the dresses are funny and make great memes. Check out some of our favorites:


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