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Meme Of The Week: Cutting Your Bagels The Wrong Way Can Really Traumatize Twitter

Bagels are pretty straightforward. There can be an endless amount of flavors and uses, but the way in which they’re cut is pretty standard. Unless we’re talking about bagel bites, which is a different conversation.

I’m sure Alek Krautman had good intentions when he posted an image of his St. Louis style bagels on Twitter. His caption: “Today I introduced my coworkers to the St Louis secret of ordering bagels bread sliced. It was a hit!”

It was not a hit with social media, which has been talking about this guy nonstop since he tweeted the picture a couple of days ago. In the internet world, that amounts to years of trolling. We’re very sorry, Alek.

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After the initial outrage passed, the St. Louis style meme was born. It’s simple: people just upload photos of their favorite foods prepared and eaten in ways that disrupt the normal order of things.

You know those videos where things line up neatly and perfectly, making you feel like everything is right with the world? These memes are the exact opposite. Check out some of them below:

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