Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Meme Of The Week: ‘Not A Cellphone In Sight’ Makes Fun Of Really Annoying People

Older generations can sometimes find great pleasure in listing out all the things that young people have ruined. The list of activities, businesses, and more that millennials have ruined has long past the point of obnoxiousness and is now simply hilarious.

The “Not a cellphone in sight” meme reflects this, making fun of people who love to reminisce about the past, when people did other things aside from looking down at their phones. When there were no internet trolls and the world was full of people ready to engage with each other and have meaningful interactions. Right.

Know Your Meme reports that this post first appeared in early November, when Twitter user @VersaceCroccs uploaded a picture of a painting of Jesus’ crucifixion. Jesus lies there on the cross, surrounded by guilty parties, all looking away in shame and guilt. You can’t spot a single cellphone.

As the hours and days progressed different users gave the meme a whirl, making references to other paintings, dinosaurs, and cultural milestones like Real Housewives, Parks & Recreation and Shrek. Check out some of our favorites:


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