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Meme Of The Week: Henry Cavill In ‘The Witcher’ Looks Hilariously Bad

Henry Cavill is often maligned on film sets. In 2017 he became the most memorable part of Justice League with his awkward lip, which was photoshopped in order to remove a mustache that he had to keep for his role in Mission Impossible. Now, The Witcher is back at it, putting a wig on Cavill that makes him look like a greeter from Party City.

The Witcher is a successful book and video game franchise that tells the story of Geralt of Rivia, a monster hunter who’s kind of handsome in a video game sort of way. His cool scars and long mane of white hair are not an easy look to translate on film. But the directors of the film had a trick up their sleeves: a wig.

Netflix, who’ll be adapting the series into a TV show, uploaded a camera test of Cavill sporting Rivia’s look. Fans and Twitter users just made fun of him, drawing comparisons between Cavill and other embarrassing men, such Mark Zuckerberg dressed as an archer, Jon Snow with a wig, a cheap knock off of Legolas, and more. Check out some of our favorite responses:

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