Friday, January 24, 2020
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Meme Of The Week: The Things People Do When They Have ‘1 Alcoholic Bev’

Alcohol facilitates most things, for good or bad. You may be a very shy and quiet person but throw a couple of drinks in and suddenly you find yourself telling your life’s story and making out with a stranger.

The “1 alcoholic bev meme” owes its strange name to the “distance meme”, which it uses as inspiration. The distance meme got pretty popular a couple of weeks ago. It illustrates, with the help of pin and ruler emojis, how long it takes for someone to jump to conclusions or to get from point A to point B, most of the time in a way that’s funny or that’s super relatable.

It’s funny and a little self-deprecating, like most memes tend to be. And the “1 alcoholic bev” meme is no exception, using alcohol as a measure of distance. This meme can be used in most situations β€” the more creative and relatable the better. Check out some of the best versions:


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