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Mom Bakes “1” Cookies For Son, Horrifies Entire Party

Jen from New Jersey wanted to pass down a family tradition on her son’s first birthday. Her mother used to bake cookies in the shape of her age on her birthday, with the help of a cookie cutter and some batter. Sounds simple enough, but baking can sometimes sneak up on you and catch you off guard.

Jen baked a ton of “1” cookies for her son’s birthday party. She added some blue coloring and put them in the fridge to cool down. When they were finally ready, she set the out on the table, when her husband stumbled upon them and uploaded a picture that went viral.

The internet had strong opinions on the cookies, because there’s no such thing as being chill online.

No, they’re not Ryan. They’re blue!

Obviously, Game Of Thrones had to be dragged in.

According to Jen’s husband, he’s always believed the cookies looked a little off, even when she baked them for their other kids.

“When my wife made the same cookies for my daughter a few years ago, I noticed it”

You should’ve said something before she cooked millions of them. Jen’s husband claims that she’s still in denial and won’t admit that she’s been feeding penis cookies to their kids for a long time.


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