Tuesday, August 9, 2022

NBC Wants To Revive ‘The Office’ But Should They?

In an era when no media property ever really dies, news that NBC has intention to revive the hit comedy “The Office” isn’t that surprising. The network is fresh from a successful revival of another previous franchise in “Will & Grace.”

The network’s intention, as reported by THR and TVLine, is to include old cast members and news with the show’s US creator Greg Daniels to return. However, reports definitively conclude that star Steve Carrell will not reprise his role as Dundler Mifflin manager Michael Scott. Instead NBC wants to cast a Michael Scott-like character to lead the mixed cast.

Rumors first circulated back in August that NBC might revive the show. At the time, the network denied such reports. However, it appears the idea has only picked up steam in recent months and appears like a distinct possibility.

The question, then, instead becomes should it? Is what people want more of the same from network sitcoms, or to watch reruns of their favorite episodes on Netflix?

While NBC has found success with the return of “Will & Grace,” enough time had passed to build substantial nostalgia around the franchise. A 12-year gap exists between initial ending and reprisal for “Will & Grace;” “The Office” went off air just four years ago. “The Office” finale felt conclusive, closing many of the narrative loops and characters arcs the show had explored throughout its run.

“The Hollywood Reporter” asked Daniels what he thought of reviving the US version of The Office after Ricky Gervais reprised his role as David Brent from the UK version of “The Office” in the movie David Brent: Life on the Road.

Via THR:

Personally, I feel like we left on a good note. I’m not that anxious to open it up again myself, but I would be interested to see what David Brent’s up to. But also I think the American show became so much of an ensemble and to not have the whole ensemble there would just feel kind of, I don’t know, less than. So I don’t want to criticize what he’s doing, I think that’s great, but I’m okay with us having had our finale.

Many hot takes fired on Twitter as usual, calling the revival a bad idea.

It seems like a mistake, but one that will push its way through anyways. And to quote the great Michael Scott, that’s what she said.


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