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Parody Video Re-Imagines ‘Planet Earth’ With Disturbing Dog Robots

Glimpse into the future when the machines rule the lands.

Parody Video Re-Imagines 'Planet Earth' With Disturbing Dog Robots
Screenshot via NIXOLAS/Youtube

We here at The Fresh Toast are big fans of BBC’s Planet Earth series. We love watching bears boogie in the jungle and giraffes stomping lions. These moments remind us that nature is so often more entertaining than anything else you’d see on TV.

We also love Planet Earth because its style is so distinct and captivating that it makes for such ripe parodies. Our favorite is probably the time Marshawn Lynch narrated the epic iguana run from Planet Earth II. But this new clip from Nicholas King is a close second.

This parody shows what Earth would look like if overrun by Boston Dynamics’ goofy-looking dog robots. You might remember these robots from a recent viral video of them opening doors. It’s massively creepy!

So this funny video re-imagines them running wild across brazen wastelands, possibly after the apocalypse or the Great Robot Uprising. Don’t believe me? The Planet Earth-like narrator all but flat-out says the robots are the cause of such desolation. As far as we’re considered, watching them get blown away by Mother Nature is exactly the justice they deserve.

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