Wednesday, April 1, 2020
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Someone Replaced A Nuclear Fallout Bunker With A Giant R2D2 Statue

Imagine one day waking up to discover a giant R2D2 replica appearing in your favorite park. That’s what happened in Prague in a stunt that might remind you of something Banksy would do.

A long-standing air vent from a Cold War era nuclear fallout shelter had been a sight for sore eyes in Prague’s Folimanka park. But an anonymous artist, or group of anonymous artists, have re-purposed the vent into a massive R2D2 figure.

“The artwork was quite an undertaking, as two large concrete pieces representing R2D2’s legs were added on the sides, and other concrete details were added,” described Prague TV. “The entire domed vent was painted blue and white with other color touches to resemble the robot.”

Here Is A View Of The Sight Before

And Here Is What It Looks Like As R2D2

Currently there is no word if the city will maintain the repurposed Star Wars statue. Prague TV reported that a paper sign written in Czech urged by passers not to damage the artwork, though “it is not an official city sign.”

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