Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Ol’ Knife Knuckles Returns In Depressing Trailer For ‘Logan’

The internet is hype on Logan this morning, as fans of Wolverine — and movies about Wolverine that don’t suck — get a first-look at the film’s trailer release.

If you haven’t been following the X-Men universe, it isn’t completely clear that you’re not just watching another dusty modern western following Hugh Jackman’s grouchy midlife crisis. It’s set to the gravely sounds of Johnny Cash’s cover of “Hurt,” a song that’s officially overused for feelsy effect.

It pulls elements from the 2008 “Old Man Logan” storyline written by Mark Millar, wherein Wolverine gets screwed over by a series of unfortunate run-ins with the Marvel baddies (and some of the goodies, too). The quick notes: He tries to kill himself; his whole family is murdered by the Hulk’s grandkids; he goes on a stab n’ slash rampage; he’s eaten by the Hulk (???) and then explodes out of the Hulk’s stomach. That’s about as straightforward as the rest of the X-Men storylines. Alright, you’re caught up!

Leading up to the trailer release, Marvel’s been teasing the film with images of some of the cast looking old and tired:

We also see a super-ancient Professor Xavier played by Patrick Stewart, who needs to buckle up in the back of that pickup. The crux of the film is a girl in peril, who fans speculate is a young Laura Kinney, or X-23. Xavier tells Logan she is “like you, very much like you,” and considering Kinney is the mutant female clone of Wolverine, that sounds like a pretty big gimme. If that IS Kinney, well…

This is Jackman’s ninth g0-around as the Mean Stabby X-Man, so some of the exhaustion we’re seeing on screen is probably authentic. Logan opens in theaters March 3, 2017.

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