Thursday, September 28, 2023

Here’s Your Chance To Create A New ‘Gilmore Girls’ Ice Cream Flavor

Coffee? Pizza? Red Vines? Chinese take-out?

Those are all potential ice cream flavors to honor Rory and Lorelai Gilmore — the Gilmore Girls — two junk food loving imaginary characters getting more press play these days than when the show originally aired nearly a decade ago. This latest stunt has nothing to do with Netflix, which is reviving the series November 25. Nope. Unlike those Luke’s Diner pop-up promos, an ice cream shop in Brooklyn is behind this latest ploy. Ample Hills has created a contest to name a Gilmore Girls flavor ice cream in exchange for a free pint, free coffee and a Friday night dinner invite at Emily’s house! How very Stars Hollow of you, Brooklyn.

So far, suggestions range from:

“Babette ate oatmeal”: coffee ice cream with toasted almonds and praline

“Paul Anka”: coffee ice cream with cookie dough, oreos, poptart pieces and pretzels

“Miss ‘Peppermint’ Patty’s”: mint ice cream with peppermint patty chunks and chocolate swirls “dancing” through the ice cream 


“You’ve been Gilmored”: coffee ice cream with brownies, crushed pop tarts and fudge


Impressive how knowledgeable the commenters seem to be about the show. Just about every catch phrase and idiosyncrasy has been utilized in a flavor.

Except for one, as far as we can tell.

Our entry (if we were to contribute one):

“Nuts In My Hands”: Marionberry ice cream with toasted pecans and Trix cereal (real fans will get the reference).



Contest ends October 31, the crux of junk food over-indulgence.


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