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Planning A Staycation? Here Are 6 Things You Should Avoid

Staycations make for a good option when you want to rest, stay safe, and save some money without traveling outside of your city.

There’s really no substitute for traveling. It exposes you to different people, foods, cultures and makes us feel like we’ve grown and changed for the better after we return home. Despite the fact that countries are reopening and states across the U.S. are returning back to normal, expensive ticket prices, bookings and rising COVID-19 cases can make people think twice. A staycation may be the best bet.

Here are 6 things you should avoid when planning your next staycation:

Checking your emails and working

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While it’s becoming increasingly popular for people to continue working even while on vacation, it’s important to disconnect. Even if you have to check your emails, limit the number of times you do so, keeping it to the evenings or the mornings. Just because you’re staying close to home doesn’t mean your mind can’t explore a new realm of relaxation.

Following the patterns of your normal life

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It’s very easy when on a staycation to use up your time doing what you normally do on your time off. While this can be relaxing, when it comes to taking real time off, it helps when you do different things, like visiting places you’ve never seen before, even if you’re in your hometown.

Last-minute bookings

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If you plan on going to restaurants or spending a night in a hotel, be sure to book a reservation ahead of time. Last-minute bookings are usually expensive and could add up and end up costing the price of a regular trip.

Keeping your home the same

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If you’re staying in your home, try to make it look and feel a little different. Clean up your place before the start of your staycation, buy flowers, or even rearrange some furniture. It may seem silly, but small changes can add up and make it feel like you’re truly on vacation.

Going to the same places you go every day

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If you go to the same coffee shops and delis that you usually visit, your staycation will kind of feel the same as your everyday life. Try doing an activity you’ve been looking forward to, or visiting a place that you’ve wanted to visit but never had the time to.

Not researching local rates

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When going on touristy activities or museums, don’t pass up on the rates you get from being a local. Some hotels, spas, and other attractions may provide discounted prices for residents.



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