Wednesday, July 15, 2020
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PD Threatens ‘Stranger Things’ Spoilers To Would-Be Criminals

File this under a new law enforcement strategy. To dissuade would-be criminals, the East Lansing police department warned of employing a new method of punishment—TV spoilers.

The official East Lansing PD issued a warning Sunday, informing potential enemies of the law that “Stranger Things” spoilers lined their jail cell walls. The popular Netflix series just had its second season debut on Oct. 27.

“Some extra motivation for you to not end up there,” read the tweet.

The tweet went semi-viral and had curious fans interested in finding out the validity of such a warning. “get arrested and verify this,” one user responded to a friend’s retweet. To which the friend replied, “I’ll do. can’t leave the curiosity door locked.”

However the East Lansing PD admitted it was “just humor” and no “Stranger Things” spoilers will line their jail cell walls. Yet another weird example of government institutions acting like regular social media users. Anyways, hasn’t everyone binged the second season by now?


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