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The Best Memes & Internet Reactions To Stranger Things 2

“Stranger Things 2” had an awesome second season, or sequel, as the show runners have referred to it. It managed to keep all the great things that made it great during it’s first run – the ’80s, Eleven, the cute kids, the ’80s – while also adding some depth to the narrative, giving great story lines to less important characters such as Dustin, Lucas & Steve. This all resulted in a more adult, larger, and scarier season, that had it’s fair share of humor, heartbreak, and drama. 

No one experienced this more than the internet, who binged 9 hours of programming over the course of a weekend (who are we kidding, it was only a day). We can all agree that the true winner here were, as always, the memes. We’ve sorted out the best internet reactions out there and put them into helpful categories so you can peruse as you like. If you haven’t caught up with the show, leave!!! There are a lot of spoilers ahead!

Binging The Show Like An Animal

Steve Being The Absolute Best

The Many, Many Love Triangles 

Hopper Being Cute & Dumb

Last But Not Least… Bob (& Mews)


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