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Pope Francis: People Who Don’t Believe In Climate Change Are Stupid

This current trend of larger than life hurricanes and natural disasters should really make us wonder about the possibility of climate change and of the effect it could have on the state of our world, but nope, there are still people out there – and governments – who claim that climate change is not real. 

Pope Francis claims that mankind is stupid, using an Old Testament passage to explain why “When you don’t want to see, you don’t see”. The Pope has previously expressed his concern over climate change and has had uncomfortable conversations with politicians who have different opinions, claiming that those who don’t believe in the natural phenomenon only need to speak with real scientists, whose profession is, you know, science.

Pope Francis expressed his opinions when he traveled to Colombia from Rome, flying over the caribbean which recently took a hard hit from Hurricane Irma. The Pope said that the scientific community has been “clear and precise” when it comes to the link between human activity and the natural crisis, and that each person has a “moral responsibility” with the world, no matter how big or small.

“Climate change is a serious matter over which we cannot make jokes”

Logically, in the face of Hurricanes Irma and Harvey, the press has questioned the White House representatives for their opinions on the matter, to which they replied “To have any kind of focus on the cause and effect of the storm, versus helping people, or actually facing the effect of the storm, is misplaced.”

From this answer we can gather that the government simply wants us to pick up the pieces of natural disasters and not do much else. Apparently, understanding the root of the problem is just too much work.


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