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Revagination: How Your Vagina Can Be Reimagined

Many women in various stages of life — from post-pubescent to post-partum and perimenopausal — may feel insecure about what they have going on down below. Votiva vaginal rejuvenation, or “revagination”, will give your sex life a confident boost. Vaginas already have their own self-cleaning, self-lubricating ecosystem. And with revagination, they can be self-improving, too.

Comedienne Kathy Griffin, who has never been shy about sharing shocking vaginal anecdotes, revealed that at a certain age, “your vagina starts to sag.” However, this humorously harsh reality can easily be handled.

Most working women, excluding any Kardashian or Real Housewife, do not have the disposable income for invasive labiaplasty. During a recent lecture at the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women, activist Ruchira Gupta blamed an over-abundance of pornography for creating insecurities and unrealistic body archetypes, especially among young women.

However, most modern women are willing to admit to themselves that they wouldn’t mind a little tune-up, especially after having a couple of kids. We’re not talking about creating a robot-sex-doll vaginal façade; more like having a vajacial.

According to Dr. Monica Grover, a Double Boarded Physician in Family Medicine and Obstetrics, who specializes in Integrative Women’s Health and Gynecology (OBGYN), lasers are a perfect way to perk up your lady parts, at any age.

Dr. Grover’s Westchester, New York based practice, Beauty Scripts, offers the Votiva laser, known for skin tightening as well as vaginal rejuvenation.

She says, “The Votiva delivers gentle thermal tissue remodeling,” which is as similar to a kitchen remodel as it sounds. Your pelvic floor will have a smoother, sleeker, shinier surface.

“The Votiva uses thermal energy to stimulate collagen regeneration. It causes a false injury to the cells, so they are re-awakened to bring in the body’s natural immune response to regenerate the cells, and grow proteoglycans which synthesize lubrication, and also increase concentrations of hyaluronic acid, which help to retain moisture within the cells,” Dr. Grover explained.

Hyaluronic Acid occurs naturally in the body, but as we age, it decreases. Hyaluronic Acid helps keep your skin appear plumper and retain moisture and is found in many modern skin creams. Do not, however, moisturize your vagina. Scented lotions and potions are to be avoided around and especially inside the vagina, at all costs (despite whatever contrary advice is spewed on Goop).

In laywoman’s terms, revagination helps improve laxity, dryness, and remodeling the labia. It uses thermal energy to tighten up and shrink any excess labial skin, to make the outside of the vagina appear smaller and sleeker, rather than hanging down (whereas a full labiaplasty requires surgery and plenty of painful downtime).

On the inside, laser revagination remodels the collagen to create more vaginal fluid, which enhances lubrication. This will obviously enhance your sex life. It tightens the muscles of the pelvic floor and increases muscle tone as well.

Votiva laser was created to treat post-menopausal, breast cancer survivors who needed rejuvenation for painful vaginal atrophy. In time, it was also offered to women who wanted vaginal tightening, such as post-partum patients. Women who lacked sensation due to either their partner’s size or vaginal atrophy are typical patients too.

Nowadays, any woman is a good candidate for this procedure, and it has quickly gained mainstream momentum, due to overwhelmingly positive results.

The procedure is performed in a series of two to three treatments, which are determined during a consultation. Each treatment takes about twenty minutes, done two months apart.

Dr. Grover recommends abstaining from sex for 24 hours after each treatment. Minimal side effects are itching or slight discomfort, as the tissue rebuilds, that can last for a day or two.

Other laser vaginal treatments include the Mona Lisa Touch (MLT) and the FemTouch laser.

A patient of Dr. Grover’s who wished to remain anonymous told the Fresh Toast, “Forty may be the new 30, but I want the vagina of a 25-year-old. The procedure was less painful than getting a Brazilian, and my husband is thrilled with the results.”


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