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Sangria Juice Boxes Are The Best Thing To Happen To Summer

Any beverage that comes packaged in a small box is ten times more delicious than average. It’s science. Knowing this information, Beso Del Sol Sangria decided to release red, white, and rose sangrias that come packaged in small juice boxes, so you can drink your juice on the go and pretend that you’re drinking Capri-Suns. You’ll just have more fun.

Beso Del Sol’s sangria contains different types of grapes and ingredients. Their white sangria is made from Spanish Airen grapes and a blend of lemon, peach and mango, while their red and pink sangrias are made with Spanish Tempranillo grapes and a blend of other fresh ingredients that include lemon, peach, cinnamon, and orange.

The sangria juice boxes contain 500ML of drink (which, according to Pop Sugar, equals three generous glasses) and are resealable. They also don’t need to be refrigerated, which is great for the beach and the summer. The containers are fully recyclable and the drink’s ingredients are natural and vegan, so not even your annoying picky-drinker friend will be able to criticize you.

Beso Del Sol is also adaptable, offering different versions of sangria that fit with other situations, coming in 750ML and 1 liter glass bottles. They also have a great option for those of us who want to stock up on sangria for long periods of time, offering a 3 liter box that can last up to two years unopened and can stay fresh for six weeks after your first drink. This box also comes with its own pour sprout. Need we say more?

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