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Sex Clubs Are Now Hosting Digital Orgies Because Of Coronavirus

The current pandemic has impacted most activities and businesses, including sex clubs.

The coronavirus pandemic has limited most of our social contact, making having sex with people you don’t live with a big risk. Orgies are logically a bad idea in times of pandemics, which has forced sex clubs to get creative.

The New York Post reports that a London-based sex club called Killing Kittens is using Zoom for digital orgies. This Friday, the group has scheduled its first meeting, with over 100 guests having already RSVPd.

“It’s a two-hour virtual house party,” said Emma Sayle, Killing Kittens’ founder. “Obviously, there’s not an actual orgy in place, but it’s adult, there will be a lot of nakedness and lingerie on display and people challenging each other to do certain things with each other.”

porn lovers seem to be less sexist than regular men
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Aside from the sexual aspect of things, Sayle explains that these Zoom meetings are also opportunities for people to socialize, have fun and bring a party experience to the comfort and safety of their homes. While the digital party is a trial, the event will cost $25 per couple and will put a cap on 55 screens, which makes for a cluttered Zoom meeting. Traditionally, real life entrance to the event is priced at $312 per couple.

While the coronavirus is not a sexually transmitted disease, the easiest way to catch it is by standing close to someone. “But as during sex there is very close contact between two individuals, the chance of someone contracting the virus from another infected person is almost 100%, specifically due to the kissing involved,” Dr. Muhammad Munir of Lancaster University told The Guardian.

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While it’s easy enough to walk through a room and avoid people who are outwardly displaying symptoms, the coronavirus is known for its long gestating period and affecting some people in asymptomatic ways. At the moment, in-person sex clubs and orgies are kind of out of the question.


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