Wednesday, July 28, 2021

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‘We’re Not Sin City’: Houston Bans Proposed Sex Robot Brothel

The city recently approved an ordinance preventing the development of a robot brothel, which would have been the first one of its kind in the country.

Sex Doll Reviewer Tests Male Sex Doll And Starts By Replacing Its Penis

Sex dolls are all the rage now, but this market has always been predominantly populated by female dolls.

Prepare To Have Nightmares Forever: A Soccer Ball Sex Toy

Between superhero inspired sex toys and sex dolls that can talk, the sex toy industry has been keeping itself busy by creating all sorts of items to please fans of all demographics.

Inventor Of Sex Doll Says It’s Been Great For His Marriage

This doll is capable of answering questions and having a "personality," which is a bit of a stretch, but still impressive.

5 Too-Serious Sex Toys That Will Make You Scream For All The Wrong Reasons

As their name clearly implies, sex toys are fun. Both words are great, and when paired together? Even better. Not these though.

Watch: This Japanese Sex Doll Dispenses Cocktails Too

The sex doll is not a new idea, but this very realistic looking Japanese one is the latest innovation in terms of sex toys, and the priciest commodity for bachelor parties.

Introducing The 5 Craziest Brothels From Around The World

There are a few brothels that stand out due to the extreme weirdness they provide, as if they were Disney minus the cute.

Sex Robot Gets Molested At Tech Fair, Blows It Off

Samantha is a sex robot that’s worth around $5,000. According to the doll's creator, Sergi Santos, she responds to different sorts of stimulus..


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