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Woman Builds Robot Boyfriend Who Can Text Her Back

Texting has created a million problems, but one of the most prevalent is that empty feeling you get when someone you like doesn’t text you back.

Pepper Is The Coolest Humanoid Robot Even If It’s A Little...

Pepper is a robot designed by SoftBank Robotics America with the purpose of making life easier and assisting humans on the job.

Futurama: These Robots Will Be Able To Predict The Future

The robots are capable of figuring out situations and complex tasks without the help of a human. Sounds like a great idea.

Saudi Arabia Granted Citizenship To A Robot And We Don’t Know...

A blank-looking doll just became the first robot in the world to be granted citizenship. We have some questions for Saudi Arabia.

This Guy Is Trying To Figure Out How To Have A...

A scientist in Spain is making a pretty strong case for keeping his job as a robot procreation specialist. And he wants to have a baby with his sex robot.

Shake Shack Replaces Employees With Machines

Shake Shack, New York's celebrated burger joint, is launching another outpost, but this one will be quite a bit different: it'll be run by machines.

Sex Robot Gets Molested At Tech Fair, Blows It Off

Samantha is a sex robot that’s worth around $5,000. According to the doll's creator, Sergi Santos, she responds to different sorts of stimulus..

This Robotic Restaurant Has No Human Servers, Just Machines

Located in Tehran, the whole point of this robotic restaurant is to help “people become familiar with modern technology."

This Sex Robot Is Smart Enough To Ask Questions And Hold...

Having a sex robot is great, but being inanimate objects and all, the relationship can only go so far. All that's about to change however.

Are Brothels Filled With Sex Robots the Next Big Thing?

Brothels that specialize in offering clients realistic sex robots could spring up around the glove over the next few years, according to one Australian...