Thursday, July 9, 2020
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Some Of The New iPhones Are Experiencing Charging Issues

It didn’t take long for Apple’s new batch of iPhones to run into some trouble. Users are complaining about the devices’ poor battery life and the problems they’ve encountered when trying to charge the phones from an outlet.

Dozens of people have left comments and queries on Apple and Mac Forums, reporting that their new devices have poor cell reception, specifically the iPhone XS and the XS Max. The main problem that’s currently being reported is that some phones don’t charge when plugged in, especially when they’re locked and their screens are off. In order to fix the issue, users have to unlock their iPhones or have their screens on when connecting them so the charging process can begin.

While Apple has made no comments regarding these issues,tech bloggers and YouTubers have documented them and have also figured out different ways of solving the problem themselves, assuring that if you download the beta version of the iOS 12.1 the problem goes away.

This is presumably a small software bug that’ll be fixed once Apple has heard the complaints and releases an iOS update. It’s not rare for first generations of devices to feature faulty bugs. Users have to be patient and active in online communities in order to fix the most prevalent problems and know what to do when they encounter a particularly annoying bug.


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