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Sprung: 5 Date Ideas Perfect For Spring

Winter is over, which means that dates can now be set in places that are not inside your home or well insulated restaurants.

Not to say that chilling at home and dining out don’t have their place in romance, but spring allows you to finally reacquaint yourself with nature, adding some fun and variety to your love life. Ditch the stuffy jacket and pack an umbrella and check out these five date ideas that are perfect for spring.

Road trips

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A road trip is much simpler if you don’t have to account for freezing weather and slippery and dangerous roads. Rent a car or take your own and map out a route, ensuring to make stops in the most interesting spots you can find. You may get a little car crazy but it’ll be worth it in the end. Probably.

Move around

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Leave your house and plan hikes, runs and bike rides through mountains or interesting neighborhoods. Whatever activity that gets you moving and outdoors is a good date idea. Even if you’re not the most active person, spring is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the outdoors since it’s the most balanced weather. Besides, what’s a better way to force yourself to work out than to do it with someone you like and want to impress?

Head to the park

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Walks in the park provide an opportunity to smell nature and to watch all sorts of people, which is nice if you’re in the mood for something relaxing and you’re still traumatized by the remnants of winter. Picnics are also great for spring since they make for cheap dates and allow you to get in touch with nature.

Outdoor classes

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Classes tend to be set indoors but there are several that take advantage of the weather, which can really kick things up a notch and make you feel really great. Look into the options available in your city and give them a shot. “Research demonstrates that couples who learn a new skill together connect deeper,” says relationships coach Clarissa Silva on an interview with Bustle.

Local festivals

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Festivals have all sorts of themes, ranging from arts & crafts to foods and literature, providing options for all types of people. If the festival you want to go to is a few hours away then make a trip out of it by driving over and getting to know your town and visiting nearby spots.


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