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What Happens To Food That’s Made To Break World Records?

According to Guinness, by way of Today I Found Out, it’s the question they get asked the most:

What happens to all of that ginormous food that’s built specifically to get into the Guinness Book of World Records?

As of 2011, Guinness has upheld a policy that prohibits any food from being wasted. In order for a record to be recognized as official, all food — whether it’s the Worlds Largest Burger or the large number of pizzas consumed in 60 seconds — must be either donated, consumed or sold for consumption in order to prevent a large amount of food waste.

That means that the food being consumed has to be edible. Oh, that nearly 800 pound burger you created wasn’t fully cooked inside? Step aside and try again. (True story).

Another stipulation of making your world record stick: your food, no matter how giant, must still resemble the food you’re imitating. Take for example Snapple. They tried to build a record setting popsicle in New York in the midst of summer. Long story short: the popsicle melted, thousands of liters of melted goo created a small flood, and they were defeated.

Want more fun facts? Check out this video.

(h/t lifehacker)


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